COVID - 19

TecnoLógicas opens this space for the dissemination of preprint manuscripts on research and technological developments that seek to solve problems generated by COVID-19. These manuscripts have been evaluated for formal publication by this journal, but have not yet undergone academic peer review. Nevertheless, they are made available to the academic community at large since they can contribute to find solutions to such problems. The copyright of said manuscripts is owned by their corresponding authors, who have authorized TecnoLógicas to publish them in this section under the international license CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0.

At the end of the peer-review process, the manuscripts will be removed from this section as they are approved for publication in a regular issue or rejected.

Note: to cite the manuscripts in this section, the reference should indicate that the document is a preprint.


Spatio-Temporal projection of COVID-19 in Pereira

Mauricio Granada-Echeverri*, Alexander Molina-Cabrera, Patricia Granada-Echeverri 

How to cite:

M. Granada-Echeverri, A. Molina-Cabrera, y P. Granada-Echeverri, «Proyección Espacio-Temporal del COVID-19 en Pereira», 06-may. 2020, Versión: Pre-print.


Morphologycal characterization of SARS-CoV-2 trhough electronic microscopy

Robison Buitrago-Sierra*, Álvaro Guzman, Juan Felipe Santa

Cómo citar:

R. Buitrago-Sierra, Á. Guzman, J. F. Santa, «Caracterización morfológica del SARS-CoV-2 mediante microscopía electrónica», 08-jun. 2020, Versión: Pre-print.


An agent-based tool for rapid assessment of non-pharmaceutical interventions against COVID-19

Lindsay Álvarez, Sergio Rojas-Galeano*

Cómo citar:

L. Álvarez, S. Rojas-Galeano, «Herramienta basada en agentes para la valoración rápida de intervenciones no farmacéuticas contra la COVID-19», 10-jun. 2020, Versión: Pre-print.