Article preparation guide

 We suggest that the authors review the complete document "Template for authors", where you will find in detail all the recommendations for the construction of your text: 


 Template for authors

IEEE Reference Guide


Before starting the submission process please verify that your manuscript meets the following requirements. Items that do not comply with these instructions will be returned to the author.

1. The content of the manuscript is original and unpublished, has not been published in any format and is not simultaneously postulated in other national or international publications.
2. The manuscript corresponds to one of the types of article published by the journal TecnoLógicas, which are described later on this page.
3. The manuscript corresponds to one of the topics of interest declared by the journal, which are described at the end of this page.
4. The manuscript is written in MS Word format, according to the criteria of style and format and the other orientations given in the Template for the preparation of the article.
5. For each of the authors, their contact information and their institutional affiliation have been identified.
6. The title is written both in the original language and in English, as far as possible it does not contain more than twelve words.
7. It has a summary in both the original language and English, with an extension between 200 and 300 words, and reflects the most important aspects of the work.
8. It has at least four key words and maximum six, in Spanish and English, which describe the most important aspects of the work.
9. The body of the document has the structure and formality required for the type of article submitted. In any case, it includes introduction, development (according to type of article), discussion and conclusions.
10. The references are complete and updated, and have been prepared in accordance with the IEEE standards, using a reference manager. All of them are cited in the manuscript, and the DOI has been added for references where applicable.
11. The references are complete and updated. All of them were actually used in the article and web addresses have been added for references where relevant.
12. All the figures and tables are referenced in the text, in the corresponding site and not at the end of the article, they can be edited and are in 300 dpi resolution.


The journal TecnoLógicas, receives proposals for academic articles that are framed in the following categories:

Research article: document that presents in a detailed way original research results. The document must clearly show the problem being treated and the previous works recently published in the scientific literature, it must also describe in a rigorous and complete manner the proposed methods and experimental results that show the contribution of work in one of the branches of engineering and present a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of these, in contrast to the state of the art, and finally, a section of conclusions that respond to the objectives and are generated from the content of the manuscript.

Review article: document resulting from a research where the results of published research or not, on a field in science or technology, are analyzed, systematized and integrated, in order to account for progress and development trends. It is characterized by presenting a careful bibliographic review of at least 50 references.


The journal TecnoLógicas publishes articles that are framed in the following fields of research:

  • Earth sciences and environment
  • Computing and information science
  • Agricultural and food engineering
  • Biomedical engineering and bioengineering
  • Electrical, electronic and telecommunications engineering
  • Computer engineering and information systems
  • Materials engineering
  • Mechanical and mechatronic engineering
  • Other engineering and technologies

The journal TecnoLógicas has a permanent call process for the reception of articles written in Spanish or English. The journal only receives original and unpublished works, that is, those that have not been previously published, partially or totally, in any printed, electronic or digital medium, and that are not being simultaneously considered for publication in any other medium. Interested authors should send their articles in Microsoft Word word processor format through this platform, following the instructions given in General instructions for sending.

The authors of the articles must grant TecnoLógicas the ownership of their copyright, in order that their article may be reproduced, published and disclosed in any form or medium. The purposes are exclusively scientific-technological for dissemination and non-profit. In no case, this process affects the moral rights and intellectual property that is proper to the authors. As copyright a copy of the journal in which its contribution is published is recognized.

It is a requirement that the authors submit the articles according to the criteria of style and format, following the guidelines given in this session using the template that can be downloaded on the website of the journal. Only articles that conform to the formal conditions of presentation are evaluated.

We suggest again to the authors, review the complete document «Template for authors», where you will find in detail all the recommendations for the construction of your text.


TecnoLógicas is funded with resources provided by Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano, a public institution. The journal does not charge any fee for reviewing, editing, or publishing articles.

TecnoLógicas charges no fee whatsoever for processing, reviewing, editing, or publishing the articles.