Submission Guidelines

To start sending your article please verify that your manuscript complies with the requirements described in the article preparation guide section. TecnoLógicas charges no fee whatsoever for processing, reviewing, editing, or publishing the articles.

Keep in mind the following instructions to ensure the successful delivery of your manuscript:

  1.  Enter the submission system

To register on the platform, click on the «Register» button, which is at the top of the screen.

Enter the requested information, bearing in mind that the fields marked with * are obligatory.

During the registration the system will ask you if you would be willing to be an evaluator of articles sent to the magazine TecnoLógicas. To accept, select the option «Yes, request the external reviewer role», and indicate, one by one, in the field of review interests, the areas in which you are an expert, as shown below. Once the form is completed, click on «Register».


  1. Create a new submission

When you have already registered, go to the option «Login». Enter the Username with which you registered and your password. If you forgot the password, the system will allow you to re-establish it, by clicking on the option Have you forgotten your password?

  1. Create a new submission

Once identified in the system as an author, click on the «Proposals» option and then on «New submission».

Follow the instructions offered by the system until completing the five steps.

3.1 Home

Read carefully the copyright statement, which describes the license in which the articles of the TecnoLógicas journal are published. If you accept this license, select the option «I agree to comply with the terms of the copyright declaration». 

Then, select the language in which your manuscript is written. This will be the language in which you will receive the communications of the editorial process.

Select the type of article to which the manuscript that is undergoing evaluation corresponds. This selection will indicate to the editor the section where your article will be published, if accepted.

Confirm compliance with each of the submission requirements. If your manuscript does not comply with any of them, you must modify it before continuing with the submission.

☑ The content of the manuscript is original and unpublished, has not been published in any format and is not simultaneously postulated in other national or international publications.

☑ The manuscript corresponds to one of the types of article published by the journal TecnoLógicas, which are described on “Editorial policy”.

☑ The manuscript corresponds to one of the topics of interest declared by the journal, which are described on “Editorial policy”.

 ☑ The manuscript is written in MS Word format, according to the criteria of style and format and the other orientations given in the Template for the preparation of the article.

☑ For each of the authors, their contact information and their institutional affiliation have been identified.

☑ The title is written in both Spanish and English, as far as possible does not contain more than twelve words.

☑ It has a summary in both Spanish and English, with an extension between 200 and 250 words, and reflects the most important aspects of the work.

 ☑ You have at least four key words and maximum six, in the Spanish and English languages, which describe the most important aspects of the work.

☑ The body of the document has the structure and formality required for the type of article presented. In any case, it includes introduction, development (according to type of article), discussion and conclusions. 

☑ References are complete and updated, and have been prepared in accordance with IEEE standards, using a reference manager. All of them are cited in the manuscript, and the DOI has been added for references where applicable.

 ☑ References are complete and updated. All of them were actually used in the article and web addresses have been added for references where relevant.

 ☑ All figures and tables are referenced in the text, in the corresponding site and not at the end of the article, they can be edited and are in 300 dpi resolution.

 If you wish to make any additional comments that the editorial committee should consider in the evaluation process, please include it in the «Comments for editor» field. Here, you can for example, include comments on conflict of interest.

When you finish filling out all the fields, click on the Save and Continue button.

3.2 Load the submission

Immediately a popup window will appear that will allow you to upload the files related to the submission. In case this window does not appear, verify that your browser has not blocked the option to display pop-up windows.

To load the article, select the «Manuscript» option and attach the text via the «Upload file» option and click on the «Continue» button. It is mandatory to select a component of the article, otherwise the system will not let you save the information.

Once the manuscript is attached, it will be indicated with its respective name and a green arrow, indicating that it was successfully uploaded, then click on «Continue» to proceed to the final stage of the submission process.

 3.3 Enter the metadata

Enter the title / title of the manuscript in the Spanish and English languages, do the same for the abstract / abstract and the keywords / keywords. Remember that the symbol * is presented in the fields that are required to fill out.

In the biographical summary field you must enter the information on academic degrees, faculty, department or school, Institution, city-country of the author, then select the role of collaborator «Author» and click on «include this collaborator in the lists? »

In the sending metadata section, enter the «key words» in the Spanish and English languages, one by one, without a period, or a comma, or a semicolon. When you finish, add the references of the manuscript in the «References» field, then click on «Save and continue».

4. Confirmation

Then, in stage 4 «Confirmation», a message will be sent informing you that your manuscript has been attached and that it is ready to be sent. To confirm, click on «Finish submission», otherwise click on «Cancel».

A pop-up window will appear, asking if you are sure to send your manuscript, if it is, please click on «Accept» otherwise click on «Cancel» and check your attachment.

Finally, you will find the confirmation of your submission. In the lower part you can enter the options: check this submission, create a new submission and return to your dashboard.

To check the progress of the editorial process of your article, please log in and click on «Control Panel». Then, in the option «Proposals»