Evaluation process


Objective: to examine the manuscript, with experts in the area, and to issue a concept about the academic quality and scientific rigor of its content, and its contribution to knowledge. The evaluator must critically and constructively analyze the content of the manuscript and declare the scientific quality of the manuscript. His observations and recommendations are very important for the editorial work of the magazine; Based on this, the Editorial Committee will make the final decision on the publication or not of the manuscript.

Anonymity: The Metropolitan Technological Institute - ITM, in its relations with third parties, will observe the principles of good faith and respect for intellectual property. For the above and to ensure the impartiality of the academic evaluation of this manuscript, the editor (a) the journal TecnoLógicas, reserves the name of the author of the work. The name of the evaluators is also confidential and at no time will the authors be made known.


  1. Answer the evaluation form and make comments in the language in which the manuscript is found.
  2. Accept the agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure of information.
  3. Complete the evaluation by answering the questions on the assigned form.
  4. Present a summary of the evaluation, as requested at the end of the form.
  5. If you suspect plagiarism, fraud or other ethical concerns, please make the comments in the "Comments for the Editorial Board" field and provide the information you consider necessary. You can review the COPE
  6. Present the evaluation within the deadline indicated in the application email. If you can not comply, please inform the magazine in a timely manner.
  7. Any additional information that you require, request it to the email tecnologicas@itm.edu.co

Agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure of information

The confidentiality in the process of evaluation of the manuscript implies that none of its parts can be used for a purpose other than the one established, besides, it can not be shared with anyone without the authorization of the editor (a). For the above and before continuing with the evaluation, the evaluator must read and accept the terms of confidentiality described below:

  • The evaluator recognizes that all the information contained in the manuscript, including text, graphics, tables, multimedia material and annexes, is confidential and owned by the author (s) and is protected by copyright laws.
  • The evaluator agrees to use the information only for the process of evaluation, qualification or issuance of academic and / or professional concept referring to the document sent for review.
  • The evaluator will request additional information that allows him to comply with the revision work entrusted by the magazine TecnoLógicas.
  • The evaluator undertakes to protect and care for the information disclosed under this review request, using the same diligence that it uses to protect its own information.
  • The evaluator undertakes not to reveal the information to third parties.
  • In the event that the information is disclosed by the evaluator to third parties, it will assume the legal, criminal and financial penalties that the Metropolitan Technological Institute may have for all the direct or indirect perjuries that derive from the disclosure, stem from malicious acts or guilty.

Evaluation format: it is the basic input for the academic evaluators where they can issue the concept about the manuscript they are evaluating. This format is completed online in the editorial process manager OJS, which will be enabled once the academic evaluator agrees to analyze the manuscript.

Paper review format