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Considerations for Making 3D Print Face Shields - Covid19

Natali Olaya-Mira*, Luis F. Zapata-Henao, David Volkmar-Velez , Juan M. Morales-Gómez, Angie Michelle Vivas-Lozano, y Andrés M. Quiceno Betancourt


Beta, gamma and High-Frequency Oscillation characterization for targeting in Deep Brain Stimulation procedures

Sarah Valderrama-Hincapié, Sebastián Roldán-Vasco*, Sebastián Restrepo-Agudelo, Frank Sánchez-Restrepo, William D. Hutchison, Adriana L. López-Ríos, Alher Mauricio Hernández

Characterization of Electrospun Silk Fibroin Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering: A Review

Mónica Liliana Mejía-Suaza*, Maria Elena Moncada, Claudia Patricia Ossa-Orozco


Influence of Turbulence, Density, Phase Change, and Phase Interfaces Models on the Performance of the Numerical Simulation of a Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon

David Gamboa*, Bernardo Herrera

Methodology for the Selection of the Best Variant Between Double Coated Electrodes for Hardfacing
Odonel González Cabrera*, Carlos Rene Gómez pérez, Uvedel Bernabé Del Pino Paz
Videogame to teach how make lighting designs using the RETILAP regulation
Edy Andrés Triana-Rojas , Jorge E. Camargo-Mendoza*
Spatio-Temporal Projection of Covid-19 in Pereira
Mauricio Granada-Echeverri*, Alexander Molina-Cabrera, Patricia Granada-Echeverri