Reconocimiento de emociones en el habla

  • Julián D. Echeverry-Correa Ingeniero Electrónico, M.Sc. en Ingeniería Eléctrica. Profesor del Programa de Ingeniería Eléctrica. Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira. Pereira
  • Mauricio Morales-Pérez Ingeniero Electricista. Estudiante Maestría en Ingeniería Eléctrica. Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira. Pereira
Keywords: Emotion recognition, signal speech processing, MFCC.


A methodology of feature extraction in emotional speech for emotion recognition is proposed. Four primary human emotions, including happiness, anger, surprise and sadness are investigated. In order to recognize emotional states, acoustic MFCC (Mel frequencycepstral coefficients) and time representation features are extracted from voice recordings. Experiments indicate that emotion recognition effectiveness comparable to human listeners can be achieved. Recognition accuracy of 94.00% for emotion detection was obtained from database SES (Spanish emotional speech).
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J. D. Echeverry-Correa and M. Morales-Pérez, “Reconocimiento de emociones en el habla”, TecnoL., no. 21, pp. 113-130, Dec. 2008.


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