About the Journal

Focus and scope

TecnoLógicas is an open access scientific journal, edited by the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano of Medellin, created to promote the dissemination of knowledge that leads to improving academic training and professional practice in the fields of engineering and applied technology. The journal TecnoLógicas is a peer-reviewed publication, which uses a double-blind peer review system; publishes research and review articles, original and relevant in the area. High-quality contributions are welcome on a permanent basis.

The journal TecnoLógicas publishes articles that are framed in the following fields of research:

  • Earth sciences and environment
  • Computing and information science
  • Agricultural and food engineering
  • Biomedical engineering and bioengineering
  • Electrical, electronic and telecommunications engineering
  • Computer engineering and information systems
  • Materials engineering
  • Mechanical and mechatronic engineering
  • Other engineering and technologies

Open access policy

This journal is freely available online on the TecnoLógicas web site. The journal contents can be totally or partially reproduced as long as the relevant citation (authors and journal details) is included and the information is used for scientific research or educational purposes. The viewpoints and opinions expressed in the published papers and what others may do of them are the responsibility of the authors.

Publication charges

As a source of financing, the magazine counts for its operation with the resources assigned by the Metropolitan Technological Institute, a public entity.

The jorunal TecnoLógicas in any of its sections, charges no fee for processes of review, edition or publication of articles.

Publication frecuency

The journal TecnoLógicas publishes 3 issues per year (as of 2017): January - April, May - August and September - December.

The journal has a digital object identifier (DOI) for electronic editions and their respective published articles, in order to guarantee permanent access, interoperability, intellectual property and increase scientific visibility.

Section Policies

The journal TecnoLógicas, receives proposals for academic articles that are framed in the following categories:

Research article: document that presents in a detailed way original research results. The document must clearly show the problem being treated and the previous works recently published in the scientific literature, it must also describe in a rigorous and complete manner the proposed methods and experimental results that show the contribution of work in one of the branches of engineering and present a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of these, in contrast to the state of the art, and finally, a section of conclusions that respond to the objectives and are generated from the content of the manuscript.

Review article: document resulting from a research where the results of published research or not, on a field in science or technology, are analyzed, systematized and integrated, in order to account for progress and development trends. It is characterized by presenting a careful bibliographic review of at least 50 references.

Maximum number of papers per author

In order to provide a greater opportunity to disseminate knowledge and promote greater dialogue among researchers in our scientific community, TecnoLógicas journal publish a maximum of two papers by the same author, in the same issue.

Academic evaluation by peers

The journal's evaluation policy is scientific arbitration under the double blind modality, in which the identity of the authors and evaluators is unknown to both parties. The manuscript will be sent to at least two academic pairs external to the institution or the country, which are chosen based on criteria of academic solvency in the subject and mastery of the language in which the manuscript is written. They will issue a concept about the academic quality of their content, rigor in the theoretical and methodological treatment as the author's contribution to new knowledge. The cases of controversy will be resolved through the assignment of an additional evaluator and the Editorial Committee will be the one who will determine the final decision of publication. The estimated time for this process is three months, which depends on the speed of the reviewers to respond to the evaluation.

Copyright notice

With the declaration of originality and ineditude, either through a signed letter or acceptance of terms, in the magazine's sending platform; the authors declare under oath that the submitted manuscript is an original and unpublished work created by those who submit it and that all the aforementioned authors made a substantial creative contribution to the work. They also declare that no equal or substantially similar article has been published or submitted for publication, in any format or means of publication prior to this request.

In the event that the manuscript is approved for publication, the authors must assign free of charge to the INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO METROPOLITANO all the corresponding patrimonial rights of authors, including but not limited to the rights of reproduction, public communication, placing disposition, distribution and transformation, without any limit as to the number of copies and the means through which said reproduction, public communication, making available, distribution and transformation will take place, which could be any known or unknown means.

The METROPOLITAN TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE shall be the sole holder of the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication, making available and transformation on THE ARTICLE which may reproduce, distribute, communicate and make available to the public totally or partially, free of charge or onerous, in any format, including, but not limited to printed format, pdf, xml, and html, in electronic media, print, internet, and other media known or unknown. In addition, you can include THE ARTICLE in international indexes and databases.

Additionally, the authors must state that they will keep the INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO METROPOLITANO harmless against any judicial, extrajudicial, administrative or any other claim on the patrimonial rights of authors that fall on the authors of THE ARTICLE and will be in defense of the METROPOLITAN TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE before any requirement that is made regarding the originality, ineditude and patrimonial rights of the author on THE ARTICLE.

That, the METROPOLITAN TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, according to its editorial policies, authorizes the self-archiving or deposit of THE ARTICLE at the time of the acceptance of the work and in its post-print version (editorial version) in personal web pages and in institutional or thematic repositories.

The texts published in this magazine, as of June of the year 2018, are under a Creative Commons License "Recognition-Non-Commercial-Share Equal" that allows others:

In accordance with the provisions of Agreement 034 of 2014 (ITM Intellectual Property Statute) Article 19 "The ideas expressed in the works and investigations published and / or manifested by their professors, contractors, administrative officers, servers, collaborators, apprentices, Visitors, students and researchers in any context are the sole responsibility of their authors and are not expressions of the Institution's official thinking. "

History of the journal

In December 1998 the TecnoLógicas magazine was published for the first time, with the aim of disseminating the investigative work of the Metropolitan Technological Institute. Also, its purpose has been to build the practice of periodic recording of its production, accompanied by a work of dissemination of universal knowledge. The journal, therefore, accommodates the results of research carried out by local professors and researchers, academic texts and foreign writers. Today, with the demands of education and scientific production, the journal faces the challenges of greater quality and efficiency. Therefore, the articles are subject to the evaluation of specialized arbitrators in the subjects, in such a way that they guarantee their general editors and the beneficiary community, the scientific quality, the originality, the true contribution to the educational development with critical positions, analytical or interpretative that help the national and international visibility of the magazine.

Digital preservation policy 

As a mechanism of control, preservation and long-term guarantee of the availability of the works published in the magazine and in compliance with the Colombian legal deposit, backups of each edition are sent to the National Library of Colombia, to the Carlos Castro Saavedra Departmental Library, the National University Library and the Library of Congress.