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Top 10 cited articles published in the last five years

Last update: 2022-03-17

Collaborative work as a didactic strategy for teaching/learning programming: a systematic literature review

Oscar Revelo-Sánchez, César A. Collazos-Ordóñez, Javier A. Jiménez-Toledo
TecnoLógicas|No. 41| vol. 21|2018| pp. 115-134

Development and Evaluation of an Interactive System for the visually impaired

Alma L. Esparza-Maldonado, Lourdes Y. Margain-Fuentes, Francisco J. Álvarez-Rodríguez, Edgard I. Benítez-Guerrero
TecnoLógicas|No. 41|vol. 21|2018| pp. 149-157

Integration of distributed energy resources in isolated microgrids: the Colombian paradigm

Dahiana López-García, Adriana Arango-Manrique, Sandra X. Carvajal-Quintero
TecnoLógicas|No. 42|vol. 21|2018|   pp. 13-30 

Productivity Metrics for an Agile Software Development Team: A Systematic Review

Giovanni Hernández*, Álvaro Martínez, Robinson Jiménez, Franklin Jiménez
TecnoLógicas|Special issue|vol. 22|2019| pp. 63-81

Usability Testing Software Implementing Mouse Tracking

David A. Albornoz, Sebastián A. Moncayo, Samir Ruano-Hoyos, Gabriel E. Chanchí-Golondrino*, Katerine Márceles-Villalba
TecnoLógicas|Special issue|vol. 22|2019| pp. 149-157 

Cepstral analysis and Hilbert-Huang transform for automatic detection of Parkinson’s disease

Felipe O. López-Pabón*, Tomas Arias-Vergara, Juan R. Orozco-Arroyave
TecnoLógicas|No. 47|vol. 23|2020| pp. 93-108

Damage Evaluation in Flexible Pavement Using Terrestrial Photogrammetry and Neural Networks

Lizette Tello-Cifuentes*, Marcela Aguirre-Sánchez, Jean P. Díaz-Paz, Francisco Hernández
TecnoLógicas|No. 50|vol. 24|2021| e1686

Classification of Hass avocado (persea americana mill) in terms of its ripening via hyperspectral images

Jhon Pinto, *, Hoover Rueda-Chacón, Henry Arguello 
TecnoLógicas|No. 45|vol. 22|2019| pp. 109-128 

Identity verification in virtual education using biometric analysis based on keystroke dynamics

Daniel Escobar-Grisales*, Juan. C. Vásquez-Correa, Jesús F. Vargas-Bonilla, Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave
TecnoLógicas|No. 47 | vol. 23 |2020|   pp. 197-211

Implementation of the TRIGRS model with reliability analysis for hazard assessment of shallow rainfall-triggered landslides

Edwin Fabián García-Aristizábal, Edier Vicente Aristizábal Giraldo, Roberto José Marín Sánchez, Juan Carlos Guzmán Martínez 
TecnoLógicas|No. 44 |vol. 22|2019| pp. 111-129