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Top 10 cited articles published in the last five years

Last update: 2020-12-10

Adsorption of heavy metals in waste water using biological materials

Candelaria Tejada-Tovar, Ángel Villabona-Ortiz, Luz Garcés-Jaraba
TecnoLógicas|No. 34| vol. 18|2015| pp. 109-123

 Big Data: an exploration of research, technologies and application cases

 Emilcy J. Hernández-Leal, Néstor D. Duque-Méndez, Julián Moreno-Cadavid
TecnoLógicas|No. 39|vol. 20|2017| pp. 15-38

Mechanical and tribological performance of coated ceramic tiles with alumina by thermal spraying process

 Marilse Araque-Pabón, Gabriel Peña-Rodríguez, Fabio Vargas-Galvis
TecnoLógicas|No. 35|vol. 18|2017| pp. 125-135

The roles of nanotechnology and internet of nano things in healthcare transformation

 Mirjana Maksimović
TecnoLógicas|No. 40|vol. 20|2017| pp. 139-153

Island operation capability in the Colombian electrical market: a promising ancillary service of distributed energy resources

 Juan D. Marín-Jiménez, Sandra X. Carvajal-Quintero, Josep M. Guerrero
TecnoLógicas|No. 42|vol. 21|2018| pp. 169-185

Collaborative work as a didactic strategy for teaching/learning programming: a systematic literature review

 Oscar Revelo-Sánchez, César A. Collazos-Ordóñez, Javier A. Jiménez-Toledo
TecnoLógicas|No. 41|vol. 21|2018| pp. 115-134

Integration of distributed energy resources in isolated microgrids: the Colombian paradigm

 Dahiana López-García, Adriana Arango-Manrique, Sandra X. Carvajal-Quintero
TecnoLógicas|No. 42|vol. 21|2018| pp. 13-30

Automatic classification of vowels in Colombian sign language

Deivid J. Botina-Monsalve, María A. Domínguez-Vásquez, Carlos A. Madrigal-González, Andrés E. Castro-Ospina
TecnoLógicas|No. 41|vol. 21|2018| pp. 103-114

Evaluation of Virtual Teaching-Learning Environments based on usability standards

José I. Cocunubo-Suárez, Jorge A. Parra-Valencia, Jorge E. Otálora-Luna
TecnoLógicas|No. 41 | vol. 21 |2018| pp. 135-147

Implementation of the TRIGRS model with reliability analysis for hazard assessment of shallow rainfall-triggered landslides

 Edwin Fabián García-Aristizábal, Edier Vicente Aristizábal Giraldo, Roberto José Marín Sánchez, Juan Carlos Guzmán Martínez
TecnoLógicas|No. 44 |vol. 22|2019| pp. 111-129