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Last update: 2020-09-15

Experimental Analysis of the Performance of a PV System with a Centralized Inverter and Microinverters: A Study Case in Manizales

Claudia Lucía Cortés Cortés, Gloria Stephany Gómez Gómez, Felipe Betancur Londoño, Sandra Ximena Carvajal Quintero, Neil Guerrero González
TecnoLógicas|No. 47|vol. 23|2020| pp. 1-21

Evaluation of the Physical Performance of an FTTH-GPON System for Quad Play Services After the Incorporation of an RoF Module

Andrés Felipe Escallón-Portilla, Víctor Hugo Ruiz-Guachetá, José Giovanny López-Perafán
TecnoLógicas|No. 47|vol. 23|2020| pp. 23-61

A Method for Assessing the Accessibility and Usability in Mobile Applications

Andrés Paniagua L., Diana Bedoya R., Carlos Mera
TecnoLógicas|No. 48| vol. 23|2020| pp. 99-117

A review of algorithms, methods, and techniques for detecting UAVs and UAS using audio, radiofrequency, and video applications

Jimmy Flórez, José Ortega, Andrés Betancourt, Andrés García, Marlon Bedoya, Juan S. Botero
TecnoLógicas|No. 48|vol. 23|2020| pp. 269-285

Frequency and Spectral Power Density Analysis of the Stability of Amputees Subjects

Lely A. Luengas C., Daissy C. Toloza
TecnoLógicas|No. 48|vol. 23|2020| pp. 1-16

Agro-Industrial Potential of the Mandarina Epicarp a Natural Coloring Allternative in Bread

Luis E. Ordoñez-Santos, Jessica Esparza-Estrada, Pedro Vanegas-Mahecha
TecnoLógicas|No. 48|vol. 23|2020| pp. 139-153

Validation of a Model of Reverse Logistics for the recovery of WEEE from the city of Cali, based on the Systemic Thinking using a simulation of System Dynamics

Jorge E. Calpa-Oliva
TecnoLógicas|No. 48|vol. 23|2020| pp. 55-81

Optimization of the Tensile Properties of Polymeric Matrix Composites Reinforced with Magnetite Particles by Experimental Design

Luis Ángel Lara-González, Wilmar Guillermo-Rodríguez, Yaneth Pineda-Triana, Gabriel Peña-Rodríguez, Hugo Felipe Salazar
TecnoLógicas|No. 48|vol. 23|2020| pp. 83-98

Model for Information Technology Infrastructures Management

Mónica Peña Casanova, Caridad Anías Calderón
TecnoLógicas|No. 48 | vol. 23 |2020| pp. 31-53

Sensitivity Dependence in a Dimensional Photonic Crystal with the Angle of Incidence of the Radiation for Cancer Cell Detection

Juan Carlos Trujillo-Yague, Francis Segovia-Chaves
TecnoLógicas|No. 48 |vol. 23|2020| pp. 181-195