Optimal management of vegetation maintenance and the associated costs of its implementation in overhead power distribution systems

Keywords: Distribution system, failure rate, growth rate, Non-Served Energy Level, vegetation maintenance


Network operators work constantly to maintain an appropriate level of reliability in their power supply and to preserve the integrity of the vegetation growing underneath overhead power distribution systems. Accordingly, this article proposes and adopts different approaches to optimally manage vegetation maintenance in such field. Mathematical modeling is used to represent the problem in terms of several aspects involved in vegetation management, based on the technical capacity of the utility company and the reliability goals established by governmental regulatory entities. The solution is a vegetation maintenance schedule in terms of when, where, and which crews must perform the pruning activities along the distribution network. As a result, the Non-Served Energy Level NSEL is minimized and the financial resources earmarked for this type of maintenance tasks are optimized.

Author Biographies

Johan S. Correa-Tamayo, Project engineer. GERS S.A, Colombia

MSc in Electrical Engineering, Project engineer. GERS S.A, Cali-Colombia, johan.correa@gers.com.co

Andrés Arias Londoño, *, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Colombia
PhD in Engineering, Program of Electrical Engineering, Technological University of Pereira, Pereira Colombia, andresarias@utp.edu.co
*Corresponding author
Mauricio Granada-Echeverri, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Colombia

PhD in Electrical Engineering, Program of Electrical Engineering, Technological University of Pereira, Pereira-Colombia, magra@utp.edu.co


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Correa-Tamayo, J. S., Arias Londoño, A., & Granada-Echeverri, M. (2019). Optimal management of vegetation maintenance and the associated costs of its implementation in overhead power distribution systems. TecnoLógicas, 22(45), 91-107. https://doi.org/10.22430/22565337.1173


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