Simple theoretical proposal of the dependence of the deGennes extrapolation parameter with the surface temperature of a superconducting sample

Keywords: Time-dependent Ginzburg–Landau equations, deGennes parameter, Superconductor, Mesoscopic, Magnetization


The Time-dependent Ginzburg–Landau model (TDGLM) is a robust tool widely used to analyze the magnetization of the single-vortex state of a mesoscopic superconducting sample in presence of a magnetic field. The algorithm implemented in this work is applied to a square geometry surrounded by different kinds of materials simulated by deGennes extrapolation length . The inside of the sample remains at constant temperature , while its boundary remains at temperature . This temperature variation in the sample can be generated by a continuous laser wave injected into all the internal points, except for a thin surface layer in the boundary of the material. We found that the b value at , which mimics the magnetization curve for a corresponding , presents a linear dependence with the temperature. Therefore, although within the domain of validity TDGLM the parameter  is to be considered temperature-independent in the vicinity of the bulk critical temperature and that  depends on the density of states near the surface, we propose a simple dependence of using a TDGLM.

Author Biographies

José José Barba-Ortega, *, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

PhD en Física, Departamento de Física, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá-Colombia,
*Corresponding author

Jesús D. González, Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia

PhD en Física, Grupo en Teoría de la Materia Condensada, Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta-Colombia,

Miryam Rincón-Joya, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

PhD en Física, Departamento de Física, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá-Colombia,


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Barba-Ortega, J. J., González, J. D., & Rincón-Joya, M. (2019). Simple theoretical proposal of the dependence of the deGennes extrapolation parameter with the surface temperature of a superconducting sample. TecnoLógicas, 22(45), 1-7.


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