El Papel de las Corporaciones Transnacionales en el Proceso de Difusión de la Tecnología

  • Nelson Rúa-Ceballos Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano ITM. Medellín
Keywords: Diffusion of technology, Transnational corporation, Transference of technology, Direct foreign investment, Intellectual property rights.


This paper explores several problems about the diffusion of the technology as well as the possible routes or channels to make it happens, the forms which it acquires, based on the conditions and potentialities of the developing countries, and their barriers, among others, analyzing the role that the transnational corporations can play regarding to the diffusion, as a key factor for the innovation, either because they promote it or because they prevent it. It is analyzed methodologically some actions that favour the diffusion and the incorporation of the transnational corporations and the impact of the direct foreign investment in this process.

On the other hand, the study of the nature of the diffusion is approached, by means of the technology transference concept and it is stated the best way that facilitate its diffusion. Another issue is the analysis of the incidence that the protection of the intellectual property has on the diffusion since it affects the decision of a transnational company to settle down in a country, and the desire of the direct foreign investment. An expected result is to understand how the diffusion is affected, by the process of technology transference and by the barriers of the intellectual property, and to conclude with the adoption of elements for the handling of the diffusion routes, the relations with the transnational corporations and the regulation of the intellectual property.

Author Biography

Nelson Rúa-Ceballos, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano ITM. Medellín

Ingeniero Electrónico de la Universidad de Antioquia (Medellín-Colombia) con áreas
de énfasis en bioingeniería y telecomunicaciones, DEA en Economía de la Innovación
de la Universidad del País Vasco UPV-EHU (Donostia-España), candidato a doctor
en Estudios de Ciencia y Tecnología y Gestión de la Innovación Tecnológica de la
UPV-EHU (Donostia-España); Investigador, Diseñador y Desarrollador de tecnología
biomédica, ex empresario del sector electrónico y electromédico, catedrático
universitario, ex decano de programas de tecnología en mantenimiento de equipo
biomédico, telecomunicaciones, electrónica y ciencias básicas, ex decano de la Facultad
de Ciencias del ITM, ex director del Grupo de Investigación en Gestión Tecnológica
–GT– (Categoría C en Colciencias), actualmente Vicerrector del Instituto Tecnológico
Metropolitano ITM (Medellín-Colombia).

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Rúa-Ceballos, N. (2008). El Papel de las Corporaciones Transnacionales en el Proceso de Difusión de la Tecnología. TecnoLógicas, (20), 119-150. https://doi.org/10.22430/22565337.273


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