Evidencia de un obstáculo epistemológico

  • Sergio Alarcón-Vasco Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano Universidad de Antioquia Universidad Eafit
Keywords: Epistemological obstade, Recurrent mistake, Euclidean conception.


The purpose of this papel' is to show the importance of the notion of epistemological obstacle in thc construction of mathematical concepts and how these obstacles can be identified in the students through study of the recurrent mistakes and of the historical development ofthe mathematical concepts. It is shown an example of an experience of evidence of epistemological obstacle, related with the mathematical concept of tangent right at a curve. This experience makes part of the research work "The Euclidean Obstacle on the Construction of Tangent Concept", presented by Sergio Alarcón Vasco and Carlos Suescún Arteaga for to reach to Magister degree in Mathematics Education in the University of Antioquia, and it is framed in "An Alternative Metodologic for the Teaching and Learning of the Concept of Limit" research project, COLCIENCIAS 1115-11·12704, developed by the "Educación Matemática e Historia" research group of the University of Antioquia and EAFIT.


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Author Biography

Sergio Alarcón-Vasco, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano Universidad de Antioquia Universidad Eafit
Matemático, Magíster en Educación Matemática, con énfasis en Pensamiento Matemático Avanzado de la Universidad de Antioquia. En la actualidad se desempeña en el ITM como docente ocasional y hace parte en la misma institución del grupo de investigación Da Vinci y del grupo de investigación CTS. Además integra el grupo de investigación Educación Matemática e Historia de las universidades de Antioquia y Eafit.
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Alarcón-Vasco, S. (2005, July 23). Evidencia de un obstáculo epistemológico. TecnoLógicas, (14), 65-75. https://doi.org/10.22430/22565337.535