A design methodology of microgrids for non-interconnected zones of Colombia

  • Juan D. Garzón-Hidalgo Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Andrés J. Saavedra-Montes Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Keywords: Power flow, methodology of design, standalone microgrids, NTC 2050, RETIE


A methodology for microgrids design in non-interconnected zones of Colombia is proposed in this paper. The microgrid design is carried out following the Colombian electrical normativity. The stages of the methodology are: collection of the field information, evaluation of renewable and nonrenewable resources, load profile estimation, sizing of the generators, design of microgrid topology, and electrical analysis. The size of conductors is selected according to NTC 2050. A study case is presented, where the region of Taroa, in the Department of Guajira, is selected. Taroa is located in a not interconnected zone of Colombia. From meteorological information of the zone and the load analysis, the generation equipment is selected using the software HOMER. The voltages on the microgrid are computed applying power flow analysis using the software Power System Analysis Toolbox. The generators are represented with reduced models to streamline the design. The voltage variations in the buses of the designed microgrid are in the 3% of the nominal voltage. This variation range is defined in Reglamento Técnico de Instalaciones Eléctricas (RETIE). Simulation results, using actual data, assess the feasibility of the proposed methodology.

Author Biographies

Juan D. Garzón-Hidalgo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Ingeniero Electricista, Joven Investigador, Departamento de Energía Eléctrica y Automática, Facultad de Minas

Andrés J. Saavedra-Montes, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

PhD en Ingeniería, MSc en Sistemas de Generación de Energía Eléctrica, Departamento de Energía Eléctrica y Automática, Facultad de Minas


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J. D. Garzón-Hidalgo and A. J. Saavedra-Montes, “A design methodology of microgrids for non-interconnected zones of Colombia”, TecnoL., vol. 20, no. 39, pp. 39-53, May 2017.


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