Model of dynamic allocation of storage places in Cross Docking centers

  • Juan Pablo Orejuela Universidad del Valle
  • Sandra L. Rodríguez Universidad del Valle
  • Viviana M. Díaz Universidad del Valle
Keywords: Cross Docking, Temporary storage, mathematical modeling, product allocation to storage locations


This paper describes the methodology applicable to temporary storage in Cross Docking centers using a mathematical model. This model favors the dynamic allocation of storage places to incoming products in Cross Docking centers, reducing the costs associated with the final inventory of each of the products and the costs associated with the distances covered by each load unit. It also achieves a reduction in the time of permanence and an acceleration of the flow of products from reception to dispatch.

Author Biographies

Juan Pablo Orejuela, Universidad del Valle

MSc en Ingeniería Industrial, Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial, Universidad del Valle, Cali-Colombia,

Sandra L. Rodríguez, Universidad del Valle

Especialista en Higiene y Seguridad Industrial, Ingeniera Industrial, Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial, Universidad del Valle, Cali-Colombia,

Viviana M. Díaz, Universidad del Valle

Especialista en Gestión de la Calidad Total y la Productividad, Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial, Universidad del Valle, Cali-Colombia,


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Orejuela, J. P., Rodríguez, S. L., & Díaz, V. M. (2019). Model of dynamic allocation of storage places in Cross Docking centers. TecnoLógicas, 22(44), 45-60.


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