Destilación al vacío de etanol usando bomba chorro

  • William Orozco Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
Keywords: Ethanol, jet pump, jet pump parts, mathematical model, vacuum distillation


This paper presents a review and analysis of the literature regarding ethanol production technologies and, the features, dimensions and functioning of jet pumps, which are devices that create a vacuum for distilling ethanol. This review mainly takes into account references from the previous 15 years, both national and international research, which yielded updated information on the use of jet pumps in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and established that, in terms of vacuum distillation of ethanol the best operating conditions and, therefore, the best dimensions and geometry of the jet pump, are obtained for the driving pressure and pressure at the exit nozzle to deliver a 6 kPa vacuum with the greatest entrainment ratio and the highest Mach number at the exit nozzle.

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William Orozco, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
Grupos GITER Y SINERGIA, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
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W. Orozco, “Destilación al vacío de etanol usando bomba chorro”, TecnoL., no. 25, pp. 77-96, Dec. 2010.


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