Permeabilidad y porosidad en concreto

  • Ligia M. Vélez Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
Keywords: Concrete porous, materials for construction, permeability, resistance bending traction, resistance compression


Porous concrete was prepared, material composed of a cement matrix and an aggregate as reinforcement, with the feature to allow the water infiltration. The permeability of these mixtures is obtained using barren with a significant volume of hollows between particles and with total lack of fines. The influence of the concrete permeability of the porous one in: the volume of permeable pores, percentage of total absorption, mechanical density, and properties compressive strength and bending traction 28 days was studied. It was found a concrete dosage of porous, which allows obtaining high resistance, maintaining an excellent concrete permeability of the porous concrete. A permeability of 2,342 mm/s was determined, with a real percentage of hollows of 11%, cement in a proportion of 350 kg/m3, allowing resistance to bending traction and compression twenty-eight days respectively of 3 MPa and 33 MPa using different reasons water/cement.

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Ligia M. Vélez, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
Facultad de Tecnologías, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
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L. M. Vélez, “Permeabilidad y porosidad en concreto”, TecnoL., no. 25, pp. 169-187, Dec. 2010.


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