Juegos en la Enseñanza de la Ingeniería del Software

  • Diego Guerrero-Peña Intistuto Tecnólogico Metropolitano, Medellín
  • Helmuth Trefftz-Gómez Universidad Eafit, Medellín
  • Raquel Anaya Universidad Eafit, Medellín
Keywords: Serious games, TIC’s, education, learning, software engineering.


Serious games, mainly videogames, have increased their use in the teaching of software engineering as motivation factors for the significant learning. This paper stresses on the existence or lack of their pedagogical and didactic supports, through the analysis derived from the state of the art of the serious games related to the software engineering. Furthermore, this work proposes pedagogical postulates that bear these games and makes a classification of them. The results shown here make part of a research developed under the projects: Information and Communication Technologies as a Support for Teaching (TICAD for its acronym in Spanish) of the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (ITM) and Information and Communication Technologies used for software engineering teaching (TICSOFT for its acronym in Spanish) of Masters in Computer Engineering of the Eafit University.

Author Biographies

Diego Guerrero-Peña, Intistuto Tecnólogico Metropolitano, Medellín
Ingeniero de sistemas, Especialista en Gerencia de Proyectos, candidato a Magíster en Ingeniería Informática de Eafit, Profesor Auxiliar del ITM, Medellín
Helmuth Trefftz-Gómez, Universidad Eafit, Medellín
Ingeniero de Sistemas, Magister en Masters Of Science In Computer Science.Doctorado en Electrical And Compuer Engineering, Doctorado en Electrical And Compuer Engineering y Profesor Titular Universidad
Raquel Anaya, Universidad Eafit, Medellín
Ingeniero de sistemas, Doctorado en Ingeniería de la Programación e Inteligencia Artificial, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España. Profesor Titular Universidad Eafit, Medellín
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Guerrero-Peña, D., Trefftz-Gómez, H., & Anaya, R. (2009). Juegos en la Enseñanza de la Ingeniería del Software. TecnoLógicas, (22), 43-60.


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