AC transmission network expansion planning considering circuits repowering and location of capacitors

  • Jaime A. López-López XM S.A. E.S.P
  • Diego A. Tejada-Arango Universidad Pontificia Comillas
  • Jesús M. López-Lezama Universidad de Antioquia
Keywords: Genetic algorithms, transmission planning, mathematical programming, line repowering, location of capacitors


This paper deals with the Transmission Network Expansion Planning (TNEP) problem. The TNEP consists of finding a set of new circuits on a power system, which is needed to attend a future demand. In its classical version, the TNEP only considers as solution candidates the addition of new lines and transformers. The main contribution of this paper consists in the inclusion of non-conventional solution candidates, namely the repowering of existing circuits and the location of capacitor banks. To take into account these last ones an AC model of the transmission network is considered. The solution of the proposed model is carried out using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm. Results are compared and validated with previous works in the technical literature. The test systems used are the Garver system and IEEE 24 bus system. The results obtained in both systems showed that the inclusion of the non-conventional candidates, proposed in this paper, allows to reduce the cost of network expansion. This fact may be useful as an indicator for the system planner to consider new possibilities in the expansion studies.

Author Biographies

Jaime A. López-López, XM S.A. E.S.P
Ing. Electricista, Dirección Programación de la Operación XM S.A. E.S.P, Medellín
Diego A. Tejada-Arango, Universidad Pontificia Comillas
M.Sc. en Ingeniería, Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid
Jesús M. López-Lezama, Universidad de Antioquia
Ph.D. en Ingeniería Eléctrica, Dpto. de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Antioquia. Medellín


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López-López, J. A., Tejada-Arango, D. A., & López-Lezama, J. M. (2016). AC transmission network expansion planning considering circuits repowering and location of capacitors. TecnoLógicas, 19(37), 61-77.


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