La innovación: un proceso social e interactivo basado en el conocimiento

  • Fernelly Ruíz-Gómez Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano.
Keywords: Innovation, Innovation Systems, Innovation Networks


This is a critica! analysis in order to show the necessity of conceiving the innovation like a social and interactive process based on the knowledge, which impacts the society cognitively, organizationally and economically. This conception is necessary to be adopted if a certain government wants to achieve a better innovation management, by increasing the social and economic development by means of poli ti cal public in the matter. The article origin is part of an investigative work done in advanced in the PHD program on Technological Innovation Management offered by the Universidad del País Vasco -UPV.

A better management innovation implies to face the growing specialization of knowledge production, the increasing of in the physical devices complexity, as well as to the strong difficulties to make technological opportunities coincide with the market necessities and the organizational practices. This complex mosaic creates the necessity to analyze the agents' interaction under the Innovation System concept, considering that they are open, dynamic and social systems, as a consequence of the interactions produced between socioeconomic agents and their surroundings. Moreover, the introduction of new agents and the generation of new types of interactions are one of the main characteristics of dynamic systems; this topic has created the necessity to talk about Innovation Networhs.

Author Biography

Fernelly Ruíz-Gómez, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano.
Director de la Escuela de Egresados del ITM. Ingeniero Electricista, Especialista en Telemática y estudiante de Doctorado en Gestión de la Innovación Tecnológica con la Universidad del País Vasco.
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Ruíz-Gómez, F. (2006). La innovación: un proceso social e interactivo basado en el conocimiento. TecnoLógicas, (16), 83-97.


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