Reconciliación social: tecnología para la construcción de paz

  • Mónica Alzate Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
Keywords: Peace consolidation, Information and communication technology, Virtual reality, Contact Hypothesis, Online dispute resolution


Colombia is internationally recognized within the list of countries in conflict in the second oldest conflict on the planet [1]. The duration of this conflict and its intensity have been maintained close to 20% of the population in conditions of victimization [2]; it is estimated that investment in the country to contain violence corresponds to 30% of its GDP [3], that is, six times more than what is invested in education. The damage caused by the armed confrontation is enormous, however, the country is facing a new opportunity derived from the peace agreement between the FARC guerrilla and the Government of Juan Manuel Santos.

Author Biography

Mónica Alzate, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano

PhD en Psicología Social, Investigadora del Laboratorio de Innovación Social, Instituto
Tecnológico Metropolitano, Medellín-Colombia

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Alzate, M. (2017). Reconciliación social: tecnología para la construcción de paz. TecnoLógicas, 20(39), 9-13.


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